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Açaí is the flagship of Top Frozen! The fruit, in addition to being delicious, is rich in antioxidants and can be consumed in different ways and with different accompaniments. Açaí with banana, condensed milk, nest milk, granola, are some of the variations in addition to cupuaçu, tapioca and nest creams as exclusive brand options.


Crepioca Carne de Sol

Crepioca is a pancake-like dough, but based on egg, a favorite snack for athletes and for those who prefer a healthier lifestyle.

We have in our menu several options of fillings according to your preference with light dough, it goes well at any time.


x-Caboquinho sandwich

Top Frozen has several delicious sandwiches for you to choose from. One of them is the regional x-caboquinho sandwich: bread with cheese, tucumã and fried banana, which goes perfectly with our hot or cold drinks.

Smoothie Top Frozen

The smoothie is a creamy and refreshing drink, with natural yogurt as the base of the recipe, as well as regional fruits in its various variations on the menu. Top Frozen smoothie: açaí, strawberry, orange juice and yogurt.

açaí tapioca

Extracted from cassava, tapioca is one of the favorites for breakfast among Amazonians. At Top Frozen we have an exclusive creation recipe, açaí tapioca. The cassava gum acquires a purple hue as it contains a portion of powdered açaí in its mixture, filled with coalho cheese and Brazil nuts, served with açaí jelly and baniwa pepper as an accompaniment.


Waffle is a sweet Belgian dough that you can find in two filling options at Top Frozen: dulce de leche or nutella, as well as optional nut toppings, kit kat, M&M's, strawberry in syrup and black.

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